Rental Terms

Driver's Licensing Requirements
A valid (class 7 / 5 or higher) driver’s license issued from the country of residence.

Acceptable Licenses
Valid Canadian license
Valid U.S. license
Valid International license

Non-Acceptable Licenses
An altered or damaged license
Motorcycle license

Age Requirements
Renters must be 18 years of age, or older.

Deposit Requirements
Every rental contract requires a deposit; it should be secured by a major credit card, debit or cash with a valid photo ID which must be presented to Vancity Car Rentals Inc. upon pickup. (The amount of security may vary from the Vehicle class, driver’s age, licence being held and several other factors.) Please contact our office for more information. Debit cards issued from outside of Canada are also acceptable. A surcharge may apply for cash / debit / pre-paid card deposits. Effective 9/Nov/2020, Cash and Debit deposits will be held for at least 10 business days after the end of a rental.

Payment Methods
Vancity Car Rentals Inc. accepts the following ways of security deposit: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX / Debit / Visa Debit / Cash and Pre-paid electronic cards.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs
Customer pick-up is available in the Greater Vancouver Area, including the Vancouver International Airport (a fee may apply to any place over 10km from our office). A $25 fee will apply if the customer doesn't rent a car after using our pick-up service. After-hours vehicle drop-off is allowed; the customer may drop off the vehicle at any Vancity Car Rentals Inc. location, but the customer will bear complete responsibility for the vehicle until one of our representatives have visually inspected the vehicle during the following business day. Late drop-offs will be charged for (at normal rates, for the vehicle you rented), depending on, for how long, you, the CUSTOMER delay the drop off.

Booked Vehicles
The exact vehicle booked by you, the CUSTOMER (by reserving online, phoning us or by any other form) may not be available at the time you want it; there may be other alternatives you can choose from.

Vehicle inspections are performed with the customer by a representative, before the vehicle leaves the rental lot. All damages must be marked down on the inspection sheet prior to leaving the lot. It’s the renter’s responsibility to ensure that they have thoroughly inspected the vehicle and all existing damages have been noted on the inspection form. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) insurance is mandatory for all rentals - insurance costs are not included in the base rental rate. If the renter wants to use their own insurance, proof of insurance will be required.

Rental Agreement
This is an AGREEMENT between you, the CUSTOMER and Vancity Car Rentals Inc., to rent a motor VEHICLE. The CUSTOMER is renting the vehicle from the COMPANY and you the CUSTOMER must sign this agreement. By signing this agreement, you, the CUSTOMER, are entering into a contract with Vancity Car Rentals Inc. for the use of the COMPANY'S VEHICLE. Rental charges are subject to change for each individual depending on rental circumstances and/or vehicles. By entering into this contract you are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Prohibited Use
You the CUSTOMER, agree that the VEHICLE shall not be used for any of the following: a) to carry persons or property for hire; b) to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or any other object; c) in any race, speed test or contest; d) by any person who is under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, narcotics, or other substances to an extent prohibited by law; e) in the commission of any crime, or for any illegal trade or transport; f) in violation of any Federal, State/Provincial or Municipal law, ordinance, rule or regulation governing the use or return thereof (parking or minor violations excepted) nor remove it from the State/Province of rental without obtaining the prior written consent of Vancity Car Rentals Inc. or its representative; g) on any unpaved road or off road surface: h) by anyone for whom the COMPANY has been given a false name, age, address, or other information; i) in a dangerous or reckless manner.

Fines and Penalties
AUTHORIZED DRIVER will pay all fines, penalties, forfeitures and court costs imposed for parking or traffic violations with respect to the VEHICLE while rented under this agreement. The CUSTOMER will promptly report such violations to the COMPANY and will hold the COMPANY harmless from all claims arising out of such violations. AUTHORIZED DRIVER releases and holds the COMPANY harmless (including its agents and employees) from all claims for loss or damage to his or her personal property or that of any other person, which is left in or carried or upon the VEHICLE or in or upon any other VEHICLE or premises of the COMPANY by AUTHORIZED DRIVER, or by any other person, or which is received, handled or stored by the COMPANY, at any time before, during or after this rental, whether or not due to the COMPANY'S negligence of fault. Towing expeneses are customers' responsibility if the customer is at fault in the occurrence of a collision.

CUSTOMER shall not permit any repairs to the VEHICLE or suffer any lien to be placed upon it without COMPANY's prior written consent. CUSTOMER shall be liable for any such repairs. RENTER authorizes COMPANY or its AGENTS to obtain credit and personal information from credit reporting agencies and/or credit bureaus upon execution of said agreement. RENTER IS LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES SUSTAINED TO THE VEHICLE UNTIL IT IS INSPECTED AND ACCEPTED BY THE COMPANY.

PST & GST = 12%

Additional Charges
Additional Driver = $9.99 per day.
Underage Fee = $19.99 per day.
Child Seat = $9.99 per day.

* Additional charges will apply at a discounted rate for longer periods of rental.

Corp / Govt

Business Car Rentals
Vancity Car Rentals provides vehicles at discounted rates to companies of every size - for your business and employees. Our business rental programs are designed to make sure that you will have an amazing rental experience.

Government Car Rentals
We offer generous car rental rates to all Canadian Government employees; whether you're traveling on official Government business or for pleasure, Vancity Car Rentals offers all Canadian Government employees great deals and savings.

Group Rentals
If you need more than 3 cars, Vancity Car Rentals is more than happy to arrange an exclusive package with unbeatable low rates and assist you with all your car rental requirements.

Long term Car Rentals
Need a car for a month or even longer than that? Look no further! Vancity Car Rentals has great promotions for long-term rentals. The longer you rent a car for, the better the deal. (Long-term rental available only October through April)

Film Production

Cast Vancity Car Rentals in your next Film ProductionFilm Production Car Rentals
Vancity Car Rentals will take care of the rental needs for your cast and crew. With a large selection of vehicles from compact cars to 8-passenger minivans, we make production planning seamless. Let us be a part of your next production and success. Browse our fleet.

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