Privacy Policy

At Vancity Car Rentals Inc. ("VCR"), we value your privacy. We understand how important your personal information is, and we do our best to protect it. Our Privacy Statement is intended to help you understand how we use and protect your personal information. Our Privacy Statement is our commitment to you that we will handle your personal information with care and in accordance with the law

1. What is "personal information"?
Personal information is "information about an identifiable individual", however collected. It includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, in any form.

2. Why do we collect your personal information?
At VCR, we collect and use your personal information to:

  • properly identify you
  • determine your eligibility for our services
  • obtain payment for the provision of our services
  • provide our services
  • protect against fraud
  • and other purposes permitted by law

3. What personal information do we collect?
We collect only the amount and type of information we need to fulfill these purposes. Specifically, we require the following types of personal information:

  • your name, address(es) and telephone number(s)
  • your drivers’ license and insurance information
  • your credit card information
  • your e-mail address

4. How do we collect your personal information?
We collect your personal information:

  • from you, on applications for services, or on other forms filled out through the telephone, e-mail and other interactions with us
  • from government and other entities with information on your driving record and claims history

5. Use of web site tracking and cookies
We may collect information from you directly in online order forms, sign-up forms, contact forms, e-mail, and other online avenues (including, without limitation, demographic and personal profile data).

6. How do we use your personal information?
We use your personal information only in accordance with the purposes for which it was collected, and we keep your personal information only as long as needed to fulfill these purposes or any legal or government requirements.

7. How do we protect your personal information and keep it up-to-date?
While security and privacy risks can never be eliminated entirely, we take all measures we believe to be reasonably appropriate to safeguard your personal information against its unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, modification or misuse. Once your personal information is no longer required to fulfil our stated purposes, we take proper measures to destroy, erase or anonymize it in a manner that continues to maintain your privacy. We rely on our personal information sources for the accuracy of the personal information they provide, and we do our best to ensure that the personal information we use on an ongoing basis is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Should you find that the personal information we hold is out of date or inaccurate, please contact us.

8. Withdrawing your consent
You may withdraw your consent in respect of any or all of the uses or purposes detailed in our Privacy Statement at any time by contacting us, provided you give us reasonable notice of the withdrawal. However, withdrawing your consent to certain uses of your personal information may affect our ability to provide you with the service you request.

Our Privacy Statement is written with you, the customer, in mind. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our privacy policies and practices, please contact our Privacy Officer at:

Attention: Privacy Policy

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