Long Term Rentals - like a lease, but simpler.

With our monthly car rental option, you can enjoy the freedom of having a reliable vehicle at your disposal without the commitment of ownership. Whether you're embarking on an extended business trip, planning a lengthy vacation, or simply need a temporary set of wheels, our long term rentals offer a seamless solution. Experience the advantages of hassle-free maintenance, insurance coverage, and 24/7 roadside assistance, all bundled into a single, transparent monthly payment. Say goodbye to depreciation worries and long-term commitments associated with purchasing a car. Embrace the freedom to switch between different car models as your needs change, and relish in the joy of driving a well-maintained, late-model vehicle. Discover a smarter way to navigate life's journeys with our long term rental option where comfort and convenience are only a monthly car rental away.

Zero Commitment

Return your car anytime. Conditions apply.

All Inclusive

Insurance, roadside assistance & maintenance.

Great Deals

Your road to long-term savings begins here.

Generous Mileage

You have 2500 km free per month

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